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Zephyr ESG Analysis
Accurate and reliable ESG investment evaluation

Identify best-in-class funds and improve revenues with Zephyr ESG Analysis

Evaluate your investments through our new ESG Ratings, Scores,
Percentiles & Rankings

Research, screen, report, and monitor Mutual Funds, ETFs, SMAs & Equities on numerous ESG metric ratings, scores, percentiles and rankings.

Performance boosting ESG Analysis includes:

  • Comprehensive screening to identify best-in-class funds
  • Peer comparisons across strategies against numerous ESG metrics
  • Portfolio reporting to demonstrate to clients the Environmental, Social, Governance responsibilities of their investments
  • Enables the acquisitions of new clients by integrating ESG/SRI into
    your business
  • Offers unique insight to enhance story building and create ESG focused marketing materials

Zephyr ESG Analysis complements a full suite of analytics and reporting tools

Coupled with Zephyr’s trendsetting Presentation Center, you can include our ESG analytics and reporting tools to:

  • Create fully customized pages & reports or choose from our robust pre-defined analysis.
  • Provide your clients with a comprehensive, yet easy to interpret report, that uncovers their adherence to responsible ESG investing.
  • Combine the new Zephyr ESG analysis with our powerful analytics to build a complete.

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Discover more with Zephyr ESG Analysis…

Gain a competitive edge with Zephyr ESG Analysis
Zephyr ESG Analysis empowers clients with comprehensive screening to identify best-in-class funds, peer comparisons across strategies on numerous ESG metrics, and the ability to create ESG focused marketing materials for new clients.

Zephyr’s ESG suite is made possible by OWL Analytics big data approach that aggregates hundreds of sources of ESG data and leverages the collective wisdom of the worlds' leading ESG research organizations to generate objective ESG metrics, scores, rankings, and percentiles across various common ESG themes.

What Zephyr customers say…

“The new web based Zephyr platform transforms how we work with advisors. The interface is among the easiest and most intuitive we have ever used and creates intelligent, clear, and readily customizable presentations. Thank you for the innovative and exciting work - Zephyr is rapidly changing how we collaborate with clients and advisors. Our ability to communicate the WCA message has never been better, and Zephyr is part of the reason why.”

Kevin R. Caron, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager for Washington Crossing Advisors

“The functionality and presentation of Zephyr are fantastic. We like that you can create blends, measure them, and put together a very nice looking, custom presentation that packages our thinking and really shows the value we bring our clients.”

Matthew Mast, FIC, MBA, Financial Professional for Thrivent

“I used to hold off on sending out reports so I could reconcile with the custodian, but over time I realized my numbers were move accurate than theirs. Given that Zephyr provides both Portfolio Performance and PSN, you know that the numbers are valid.”

Jeffrey Slater, President of MuniCrest

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