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The speed at which you connect with your clients has never been more important. Zephyr provides the most balanced and efficient workflow for investment professionals on the market today.

Our web-based solution is the top choice for financial advisors who value the competitive edge Zephyr has to offer. With access to timely information, exclusive research and comprehensive data, Zephyr’s suite of tools keeps their clients engaged and informed. In addition to consistently demonstrating our users’ ability to execute quickly and efficiently on client questions and needs, investment professionals that use Zephyr feel more confident in constructing portfolios and identifying asset allocation models to realize their client’s goals.

A user-friendly interface and essential tools for growth are the most commonly cited reasons investment professionals give for choosing Zephyr. The Zephyr team is committed to ensuring their customers possess all the necessary resources that reinforce their connection with investors, demonstrating their ability to exceed their client’s expectations every time they connect.
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Client Acquisition and Retention
Whether you are a financial advisor, analyst, or product provider, Zephyr is your key to client retention and asset accumulation. With a full range of investment analysis tools and custom portfolio analytics that can be professionally customized for investor presentations and client reports. Demonstrate your ability to reach your clients’ wealth goals as you build trust in your decision-making with Zephyr.
  • Customized Proposal Generation
  • Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring

Custom Presentations and Reports
Staying top of mind with your clients increases referrals, builds your brand equity and assures them they made the right choice in selecting you as their advisor.  Create professional presentations and reports with Zephyr with prepopulated templates that can be customized with an easy drag and drop module. Validate your success relative to 46,000 benchmarks and build a stronger relationship with your investors.
  • Proposals
  • Storytelling
  • Competitive Analysis

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Zephyr is a web-based financial solution that supplies financial advisors with the custom tools and comprehensive data essential to serving their clients’ needs. Unique to Zephyr is a fully equipped dashboard that financial advisors to confidently construct portfolios and prepare custom presentations using asset allocation modeling, portfolio analytics and performance measurement that helps drive trust and brand equity.
  • Market Research on 46,000 Global Indices
  • Manager Research on Mutual Funds, ETFs, SMAs and Securities
  • Objective ESG Rating and Reviews

Screen thousands of investment portfolio products with powerful sorting, filtering and statistical tools as well as tracking and compare multiple investment products and run Returns Based Style Analysis using 200+ key statistics.

Finding and selecting the best mutual funds, ETFs, SMAs, Equities, Hedge Funds and more for your clients is right at your fingertips in the Zephyr platform. Measured using hundreds of qualitative criteria, quantitative criteria and ESG metrics, your ability to focus on investments that meet your client’s interests can be achieved efficiently and with confidence. Zephyr manager screening narrows your search from potentially thousands of funds down to a few very quickly.
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) - Zephyr’s ESG Analysis allows advisors to research, screen, report & monitor Mutual Funds, ETFs, SMAs & Equities on numerous ESG metric ratings, scores, percentiles & rankings.
With Zephyr, advisors can build portfolios using classic mean variance optimization or our sophisticated Black-Litterman optimization module, estimate the probability of meeting future wealth goals using the Monte Carlo simulation module, and quickly and easily evaluate a portfolios composition including asset allocation, equity and fixed income characteristics, sector and regional weightings, top ten holdings and country exposure.
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Allocation Modeling
  • Portfolio DNA Lens

Streamline client reporting to speed up asset acquisition and deliver powerful reports by easily creating graphs that display a client’s current portfolio and increase your brand equity by customizing each page with your logo and valuable footnotes.
  • Fully Integrated with all Trust, Accounting and Custodial Systems
  • Customized Reporting Options
  • Reports on All Client Accounts Across Multiple Custodians

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